Yay, I finally have the pics from the Seattle Conrad up. (Not all - I still have some taken on a normal camera which need to be developed - but these were taken on a very cool digital camera, which is why I have them already.)

Not all the pics are here, 'cause I sorta ran out of room and wasn't allowed to delete the ACS photos (I was threatened by Dire Consequenses if I did), so the remaining five are at https://members.tripod.com/~raynestorm/conrad/

Okay, so the first day was - well, cool, but mostly ASHless. Though Alyson (Willow) was there, and she's really cool. As usual. And then, around 8 that evening, Tony himself showed up. Sigh. And we dragged him outside the dance room (which was dark and stuff) for pictures, like this one of me (right), Tony (middle), and Sonja (left).

The next day had a lot of ASH and Aly. Very cool. They, along with Armin Shimerman (Princ. Snyder), had a question/answer session. And then they signed autographs. (One of the earlier pictures is Alyson signing a picture of her and me, taken at the LA con.) And at one point, Tony gave Aly his jacket to wear. Very sweet, huh? (All together now: "Awwwww." And, "I wish that were me." ....okay, back to the pictures.) She's still wearing it in this pic of her and ASH, still at the autograph tables.

Then Tony came to the official picture place, and had about a million pictures taken. Sweet guy. There's a picture of all the GASPers (left-right, me, Sonja, Elyse, Mary, Aliesha, and her little daughter), as we were waiting for Tony to show.

Think I have enough pictures of Tony? (Eh...naah. :) And I have yet another one - I was in this one too, on the left, but I was blinking, so I cut meself out.

That's all for now, but there are more pictures at another site where I had some more room.

(All pictures copyright me, taken at Seattle ConRad 97, please don't copy without my permission, etc. etc. Last updated 11/24/97)