Okay, so this page is boring. So sue me. It's just a frame for the pictures I finally got back from ACS. A few more will come (the roll hasn't been developed yet), but here are the ones I have:

ASH preparing to sing
ASH singing (I think this was the beginning of "Every Breath...")
Ditto, only this shot has me in it too (lower left, blue shirt - and don't be fooled by the angle of the picture, I was really right in front of the stage staring doe-eyed up at him trying not to drool too hard)
I do seem to like shots of him singing, don't I...?
A little emotion...
Well, he's not singing here. Just signing a picture. And his right hand actually isn't hidden in this one...
Yep, that's Joss. And me. Together. And I think you can figure out who is who...
Me and Nick. Sorry about the red-eye, we seem to have both been possessed by hyenas...no wait, that's green-eye, isn't it?
The three of them together at the autograph tables (though ASH is a little shadowed)
Alyson Hannigan (Willow) and ASH (Giles) at the autograph tables.
Same, different shot, and I do so love ASH's expression in this one!
Our Fearless Leader (Sonja) and Joss.

That's it, for now...
Miriam (EvilAngel)